Paint Brushes – Frenchic – Various Styles


Frenchic Oval Brushes
Italian handcrafted oval brushes – made with a careful choice of natural bristle to synthetic fibre ratio. This allows the brushes to absorb plenty of paint yet maintaining a brilliant shape, use after use after use. We know you’ll enjoy using them as much as we do!

Frenchic Flat Brushes
Frenchic’s Flat Brushes are made of quality synthetic fibre producing a smooth and even finish with minimal brush marks. Vegan friendly.

Frenchic Wax Brushes
Italian hand crafted wax brushes are made with a different ratio of natural bristle to synthetic fibre than our oval brushes. They have shorter bristles, providing a stiffer brush, allowing the perfect application of our wax.

Frenchic Blending Brushes
Made with a careful choice of natural bristle to synthetic fibre ratio and extremely easy to use when blending (Also, handy for getting into small places like the back of bureaus and cupboards etc.)

  • Oval XS 27mm - Frenchic
  • Oval S 45mm - Frenchic
  • Oval M 50mm - Frenchic
  • Oval L 62mm - Frenchic
  • Flat 30mm - Frenchic
  • Flat 50mm - Frenchic
  • Wax S - Frenchic
  • Wax L - Frenchic
  • Stencil Brush - Frenchic
  • Blending Brush - Frenchic
  • Detailing Set - Frenchic
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Oval XS 27mm – Frenchic, Oval XS 27mm – Alternative, Oval S 45mm – Frenchic, Oval S 45mm – Alternative, Oval M 50mm – Frenchic, Oval M 50mm – Alternative, Oval L 62mm – Frenchic, Flat 30mm – Frenchic, Flat 50mm – Frenchic, Wax S – Frenchic, Wax L – Frenchic, Stencil Brush – Frenchic, Blending Brush – Frenchic, Detailing Set – Frenchic